openSUSE 11.1 Release Party in Bandung?

It is less than three weeks from now openSUSE 11.1 will be released in December 18th 2008. And for that openSUSE Project has made plan to make the party in many countries by its local LUG and openSUSE fans. Furthermore, openSUSE-Id will hold the party in two places(?), Jakarta and Bandung.

As the coordinator of openSUSE-Id Bandung Region, I announce the release party in Bandung will be held in the end of December, depends on the preparation of committee of course, but not far from the public release announcement. This party still in public discussion, so you can submit any idea to succeed this party through mailing list or contributing wiki

By the way, Sometimes I ask my self some questions: why it should be held? Is it worth to be done?..

I found my own answers by no purpose (maybe about last month ago): It should, and it is worth to be held, because we (me actually) don’t know how difficult this distribution (and all of its software inside) get released in a six months, we don’t know how complexity the system should be fixed from many developers’ view and other contributors, we don’t know exactly how this operating system runs in our computer.. We just install it, and enjoy the show! We don’t know how hard they work to provide the complex system but easy and make us fun in computer daily activity.

They work for us, they work to make the system (close to) perfect. They don’t know us, but actually they care about us, they try to make people get their works done easily and fast. So, it’s selfish to ignore them, to ignore their hard works. I should help them, we should support them. And this party tries to spread their works, tell to the world that it’s worth and valuable to use and give them good appreciation.

So folks! Get the party done! :)

I just realize why openSUSE or other distributions releases their new version twice in a year. I wonder they want to speed up the developmnet, so, improvements and bugfixes can be accelerate faster, and for us it is an advantage on using GNU/Linux operating system, openSUSE especially.. Don’t you? :D

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